Sandstone is an excellent building stone. Sandstone slabs and sandstone tiles are used as flooring or paving material, in both interior & exterior Applications. Sandstone is ideal for carving and architectural uses such as pillars, arches, garden furniture, fountains, landscaping products, and stone arts & crafts. Sandstone is a sedimentary stone that is typically the result of quartzite stone being eroded and redeposited by either wind or water. Sandstone mostly consists of quartz, silica, iron oxide and calcium carbonate. Sandstones are durable, weather, acid and thermal resistant and have crushing strength. They come in many colors, shades and can be chiseled and dressed to a smooth surface in various attractive shapes. Sandstones are most highly craftable and manageable, they can at most take a honed polish, and are used as a garden and commercial landscapes, exterior wall claddings, panels, pillars, sculptures, arches. Cobbles of Sandstones are also very popular.

Cuddappah Indian

DH. Beige Indian

DH. Beige Smooth Finish Indian

DH. Chocolate Indian

DH. Red Indian

DH. Red Smooth Finish Indian

Kota Blue Indian

Mint Indian

Rainbow Indian

Rainbow Panel Indian

Teakwood Panel Indian

Teakwood Indian

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